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60 Easiest Harvest Sprites to Find? - Harvest Moon DS ... What are the 60 easiest harvest sprites to find? I'm attempting to marry Lumina when I get her affection to 60,000+ (currently at orange heart, year two), and if I want to do that, I'll need to find 60 harvest sprites...I've been having quite a problem finding them, and I have currently unlocked 39 of them...21 may not seem like much but it is to me... Harvest Moon DS Harvest Sprite Locations for DS by ... Team 1 - Red sprites, harvest animal produce and fill feeding bins Team 2 - Orange sprites, collect Wood and Stone lumber for buildings Team 3 - Yellow sprites, wash and pet your livestock Team 4 - Green sprites, collect crops you have grown Team 5 - Purple sprites, recharge your stamina levels when asked to Team 6 - Indigo sprites, catch fish ...

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Feb 5, 2008 ... Harvest Moon DS 101 Sprite Guide by Freyashawk email: .... that runs the Casino and Sprite Company business in the Sprite Company Tree. Harvest Moon DS - NDS - Review - GameZone however, is that you must play their casino games to earn their help. In the ... true objective of Harvest Moon DS is to rescue these missing Harvest Sprites,

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Harvest Moon DS - Wikipedia Harvest Moon DS Cute (牧場物語コロボックルステーションforガール, Bokujō Monogatari Korobokkuru Sutēshon for Gāru) is the female version of Harvest Moon DS for the Nintendo DS. It was published and developed by Marvelous Interactive Inc., and first released in Japan on December 8, 2005.

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Harvest Moon has been an extremely long-running series with many sequels and spin-offs. You've most likely at least heard of Harvest Moon at some poi How to Open the Casino In Harvest Moon Ds Cute 28 Oct 2006 .. For Harvest Moon DS on the DS, Harvest Sprite Locations by Cherubae. .. Brown sprites, casino games and shops Team 9 - White sprite, just a ..Fun StuffIn the back of the Sprite Company Tree you'll find the Casino. Harvest Moon DS Cheats and Cheat Codes, Nintendo DS